See a world with and for children at Za-Koenji’s annual July festival

Photo by Søren Meisner

It’s now 15 years since the groundbreaking Za-Koenji public theatre in Tokyo’s Suginami Ward launched this gem of a world theatre festival for children, and still it continues going from strength to strength.

With many of the works only lasting for about 30 minutes, and several having no words, even the youngest children can enjoy some programs with their parents and sisters and brothers. But on top of that, people perhaps going to the theatre for the first time can also experience that special magic in this festival.

To enhance that magic this year, the festival also features two Danish and one French company, as well as the Japanese physical comedy duo Zeroko, who will all be extending a welcome to audiences of all ages at Za-Koenji.

Festival programs:

(1)  “Flag” by Zeroko (Japan)
Suitable for those over 4-years old
Duration: 40 minutes with no words

『Silent Scenes』(2023年) Photo by濱口恒太

(2)  “Tone” by Teater BLIK (Denmark)
Suitable for all ages, including babies
Duration: 30 minutes with almost no words

photo by Bart Kootstra

(3)  “GADOUE” (“Mud”) by Le Jardin des Délices (France)
Suitable for those over 5-years old
Duration: 30-minutes with no words

photo by Christophe Raynaud de Lage

(4)  “The Happy Lion” by Teater Handholdt (Denmark)
Suitable for those over 2-years old
Duration: 30-minutes with words (with Japanese interpretation)

Photo by Søren Meisner

“Sekai wo Miyou!” (“See the World!”) runs from July 13–28 at Za-Koenji, a 5-minute walk from JR Koenji station. For more details, please visit