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What’s to become of theatre festivals in the future?

The artistic directors of some famous international theatre festivals around the world are talking about their days under the Covid-19  and also their plan for future festivals.

It’s interesting to hear different voices about the style of future theatre festivals after this pandemic.

Anyhow, there is no “if” — if the pandemic had never happened — so why don’t we switch our fixed mind to open up our minds and use this time as a chance to find new directions for theatre culture in the future. 

Guest Panelists

Constantin Chiriac (Sibiu International Theatre Festival)
Yi-Ruu LIU (Taiwan National Theater & Concert Hall)

Host Panelist

Hideki Noda (Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre)

Moderator: Octavian Saiu (Theater critic)

Video Messages

Mark Ball (Manchester International Festival),
Tisa Ho (Hong Kong Arts Festival),
Damien Jalet (choreographer),
Robert Lepage (Director, Playwright, Actor. Ex Machina),
Silviu Purcarete (director),
Mia Yoo (LAMAMA etc.)

You can watch this till December 6 at 10am — JST.