The 5th Akasaka Dai (great) – Kabuki

赤坂大歌舞伎A newly written kabuki by a 40-year old leading playwright Ryuta Horai, “Yumemaboroshika-koizoushi — Akame-no Tensei (Fantastic love story — Reincarnation of Akame) will be staged at TBS ACT Theater in April.

Nation’s beloved Kabuki actor brothers, Kankuro Nakamura and Shichinosuke Nakamura will co-act on the stage as the hero Taro (Kankuro) and heroine Utako (Shichinosuke), who are at the mercy of fortune. Taro tried to make Utako happy and wealthy, however he was far from his longing. Then, Taro fantastically reincarnated into a different person and he started to make effort to make Utako happy from the beginning.
Their father, the late Kanzaburo Nakamura started the Akasaka Dai-Kabuki aiming at performing kabuki in a central Tokyo, busy amusement area in Akasaka in 2008. Now his two sons firmly succeeded his father’s wish and try to expand traditional kabuki world into contemporary theater entertainment.

Tickets sale starts in February.

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