Imagine living in the future with Kyle Yamada

Photo courtesy of Hirai Kikaku

Hirai Kikaku x Media Kobo returns to Edinburgh in 2022.In the Covid-hit 2021 Edinburgh Festival Fringe’s online distribution category, Hirai Kikaku x Media Kobo presented “The Story of The Tower,” an omnibus work based on the eponymous Old Testament story “explaining” why an angry Lord created many languages to divide the world’s people, who previously all spoke one language.That acclaimed work is now on its way to forging a worldwide following after stagings at the 2022 Brighton Fringe and the Manchester Fringe in England and with upcoming dates at Australian festivals in Sydney and Melbourne.This year, in the same online section of the Fringe, the troupe presented their latest work, “The Fahrenheit Alliance III,” at C ARTS.The piece by Kyle Yamada, founder of the Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture-based Allergen Theatre, is inspired by Ray Bradbury’s iconic SF novel “Fahrenheit 451.” It begins with a monologue by a woman slumbering in bed, who is saying: “Imagine you are living in the future, 200 years from now.”As “III” in the title indicates, this is the third in a long-term series of projects aiming to create an online “gathering/alliance place” for actors who were isolated due to the Covid.This short film, consisting of a 5-minute prologue and a 15-minute feature, contains bilingual dialogue in Japanese and English. The visuals by Media Kobo’s virtuoso Rob Moreno and the stage designer, Xu Wenfei — mixing ones of the actual woman with her own fantastical and imaginings — naturally lure us into Kyle Yamada’s stunning fictional world.Like “The Story of The Tower,” too, “The Fahrenheit Alliance III” will instantly connect with art lovers the world over, and though the live streaming has ended, it can be viewed on archived streaming until Aug 29, with tickets costing from £1.50 ~ £12.50.

Photo courtesy of Hirai Kikaku

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