A symposium on Samuel Beckett — and “Godot” — at Theater X (Kai) in Ryogoku, Tokyo


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シアターXは劇場開設25周年、そして日本・アイルランド国交樹立60周年、を記念して9月1日〜5日にアイルランド、ダブリンにあるベケット作品を主に上演している劇団Mouth on Fire (マウス・オン・ファイア)との共同制作舞台「ゴドーを待ちながら」を劇団の創設者の1人であるCathal Quinn演出で上演する。(9月9日、10日には京都造形芸術大学での上演も決定している)
これまでにも2013年から毎年来日し、シアターXでベケットの短編作品を上演しているMouth on Fire が手がけるベケットの代表作「ゴドーを待ちながら」とは。その9月の本公演に先がけて開催されるシンポジウムではそれぞれの視点からベケットに関する研究書籍を出版している学者3人(堀真理子、垣口由佳、西村和泉)とベケット作品に多く出演経験のある女優1人(鈴木理江子)を招いて不条理劇の代名詞「ゴドー待ち」を解説する。
A symposium on Samuel Beckett — and “Godot” — at Theater X (Kai) in Ryogoku, Tokyo
To mark the 25th anniversary of its opening, as well as the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Ireland, Theater X (Kai) will hold a symposium on 1969’s winner of the Nobel Prize in literature, the Irish playwright and novelist Samuel Beckett, on Friday, June 30.
At the event, three eminent Becket researchers — Mariko Hori, Yuka Kakiguchi and Izumi Nishimura — will talk about the magic of Beckett’s world, along with the actress Rieko Suzuki who will speak from her experience of appearing in many of his plays.
Then, from Sept. 1–5, the theater in downtown Tokyo will present “Waiting for Godot” by the Beckett-focused Irish theatre company Mouth on Fire, whose co-founder, Cathal Quinn, will direct it. The production will then be staged at Kyoto University of Art and Design on Sept. 9 and 10.
Since 2013, Mouth on Fire has presented short plays by Beckett every year at Theater X, building a great reputation among Japan’s theatre lovers. So with “Godot” it breaks new ground by presenting this famed, full-length work that was named as the “most significant English-language play of the 20th century” by the National Theatre in London in 1990.
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